Tale of Pulses

Nazir Uddin Mahmud

On the occasion of the ‘International Year of Pulses 2016’ declared by the United Nations, Alliance Française de Chittagong organize a solo photo exhibition of Nazir Uddin Mahmud, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. (F.A.O.) to present this ideal partner for our health and environmental sustainability. As part of the celebration, informative panels made in collaboration with Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (B.A.R.I.) will allow the public to learn about the role that pulses play in global food security. The title of the exhibition “Tale of Pulses” is very applicable as far as present and future scenarios of pulses are concerned to feed rapidly growing populations in our modern era.
Photographs by Nazir Uddin Mahmud displayed at AF Gallery, with the support of PHP Family, from 14th to 19th November 2016 are both inspiring and instructive. They focus on creating greater public awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses. The curating explores the topic of pulses through interactive displays. The 3-Dimension show covers all aspects: Natural, scientific and emotional. This suggests a deep approach with a vibrant choice of photographic genre and styles. The artist has always kept Chittagong as his basis for the exploration of Bangladesh. His work has focused on major social and environmental issues including his participation as curator in UNESCO exhibitions. 

About Artist:

Nazir Uddin Mahmud born (1976) in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Studied in commerce, Nazir acquired knowledge in fine arts, art history and trained on graphic design before starting photography. From 2005 onwards, he has participated in numerous workshops dedicated to aesthetics of photography, photojournalism, photo reportage and photo documentary. He also coordinated many photography workshops, including workshops under renowned French photographer Roland Michaud.
Nazir has curated, designed and coordinated photography exhibitions, including the exhibition of ‘Tagore, the Universal Message’, an exhibition supported by UNESCO, in Chittagong, Dhaka and Delhi 2011; ‘Smile’ organized by Alliance Française de Chittagong, 2010; ‘Chittagong Lifelines of a City’ organized by Alliance Française de Chittagong, 2010; ‘Three Addresses’ organized by Asian University for Women, Chittagong 2011; ‘Light… More Light (Part I & II)’ organized by Chattagram Photoartist Club, 2006 and 2011; ‘War and Colonies (1914-1918)’, organized by Alliance Française de Dhaka, in Dhaka and Chittagong 2014; ‘Chittagong Through the Lens of a Chittagonian’ organized by Alliance Française de Chittagong, 2014; ‘Help, Save Life’ organized by Chattagram Photoartist Club, 2015; ‘On The Road’ organized by Alliance Française de Chittagong, 2015.
Along the years, his work has focused on social and environmental issues, various ethnic communities of the coastal areas and hill districts. In 2011, Nazir has joined as a contributor in French photo agency ‘Zeppelin’. He is also one of the founder of Mastul – art collective in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
His first solo exhibition ‘Tale of Pulses’ is organized by Alliance Française de Chittagong and supported by the Embassy of France to Bangladesh, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI) and PHP Family.



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