Artist Talk

with Fabien Guillermont, Filmmaker

Presentation and discussion with French filmmaker Fabien Guillermont was held on 17 December 2016 at Alliance Française de Chittagong. This program organized by Alliance Française de Chittagong in association with Mastul . Fabien visit Bangladesh as a resident artist from Fine Arts Institute of Besancon (ISBA), France.
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About Artist
Born in 1985, Fabien Guillermont began his studies in France by the Faculty of Law. After the license he decides to abandon them in favor of travel and small jobs. In 2009 he resumes a training by registering at the Institute of Fine Arts in Besançon, his hometown where he is back. During the five years of study he will develop a personal practice around the arts of performance but especially of video.
He realizes several short films, more or less close to the experimentation or the video installation, before turning gradually towards a writing closer to that of the cinema.
During various workshops, they will take part in shooting short films, feature films or documentaries in different technical positions, such as assistant decoration, assistant director or editor. This allows him to learn as an autodidact the tools and techniques necessary for the cinema, and to develop a personal approach.
He made several trips during his schooling which will push him in 2014, following obtaining his Master in Art, to fly to Sweden where he shoots his first feature documentary, THE NEW IDOL.
A few months later he returned from Greece with WHERE IS MEYMEY.