Mastul‘ is an open forum for various art forms and practices. It stands as an effort to assemble all those who travel between different forms and styles of art and artistry. Mastul also keeps its door open for the connoisseurs of art. Started initially with the photographers, it now extends its reach by including painters, sculptors, architects, writers, poets and other creative workers as its participants. 
In other words, Mastul happens to be an open arena where any artist can deliberate and discuss on his/her experimental and exemplary works and develop new ideas for creative concerns coexistentially with the institution as well as the non-institutional artists. 
Literally, ‘Mastul’ means ‘Mast’, a tall upright post, spar, or other structure on a ship or boat, in sailing vessels generally carrying a sail or sails. Since its inception, the forum has been working towards arranging workshops with the established and emerging artists with their works and new experiments, discussions and talks on various topics and also with different projects.
Mastul aims to work as a harbinger of disseminating different art practices among the masses without limiting itself to a single art form. Background: Mastul has primarily been formed with the initiatives of a few photography artists. It now forms an interesting assembly, where professional photographers can mingle with the daily earners as well as students and other lively enthusiasts. The other participants from various fields of visual art have further strengthened its basis. And most importantly, the bonding here comes from a dedicated passion for the medium the artist works with.

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